My coaching programs are designed to get you Beyond-Realistic Results. We begin by defining exactly what you want and we build on that. There are no “hidden costs” or “add-ons” to what you see below. What you see is exactly what you get…but so much more depending upon how dedicated and serious you are about getting exactly what you WANT.


Choose which package fits your timing, your needs, and your budget. Beyond-Realistic Results are waiting for you, let’s get going!


Elite Mindset Academy

The Elite Mindset Academy is a unique group of 10 individuals who want to Quantum Leap their abilities to manifest their dreams & goals. The EMA takes place in a virtual setting over the course of 6 months and is facilitated by Donna Deteau, the Elite Mindset coach.

Here’s what the Elite Mindset Academy can do for you:

  • Implement “Manifestation Boosters” for immediate results
  • Change limiting beliefs
  • Make non-physical wants & dreams physical
  • Remain positive during difficult times
  • Turn doubt & uncertainty into belief
  • Manifest anything you want
  • Create a bigger & better version of YOU
  • Increase your income substantially
  • Navigate challenges and turn them into opportunities
  • Stay motivated and accountable
  • Achieve unprecedented success and save time/money doing it!


I’m Ready – Let’s Get Started!

$347 per month for 12 months
Get crystal clear on exactly what is blocking you from extraordinary success. Tap into the powerful you and use the tools that will accelerate your success. Learn to live a balanced life in the areas of: Finances, Fun, Faith, Field (career), Family, Fitness, & Friends.
This is a digital program on your phone and/or computer plus one 55-minute coaching session monthly.

Screw It – Let’s Do It!

$750 per month for 6 months (or $4,000 paid upfront)
  • Are you ready to make the money you’ve only dreamt about?
  • Are you ready to grow your life and/or your business faster than you thought possible?
  • Are you ready to conquer, once and for all, ALL your self-doubts and self-sabotage habits?
  • Are you ready to change your negative thoughts into thoughts that power you into action?
  • Are you ready to change yourself into the person you know you can be, the person you’ve always wanted to be?

Thinking Into Results gives you all the tools and formulas you need to succeed because SUCCESS IS A SCIENCE. Once you learn all the tools and formulas of that science, you have them for life! Over 1 million participants have created the life they had previously only dreamed of – and now it’s your turn to learn how to create your dream life!
As a trained & certified Thinking Into Results consultant/coach, Donna will guide you through the seminal Thinking Into Results, with audio modules, a workbook, two 55-minute coaching sessions a month (mandatory), and a weekly “co-working” group Power Hour (optional although recommended).

Beyond Realistic Results, Here I Come!

$750 per month for 10 months (or $7,000 paid upfront)

All the Thinking Into Results tools & formulas stated above plus additional modules for you to:

  • Manifest anything with multiple manifestation enhancers
  • Eliminate toxic situations and people from your life
  • Transform your focus and stay laser-focused
  • Become a “money magnet”
  • Live in a state of Praxis (where your thoughts & actions work in harmony)
  • Create and live your “future self” (this one tool is a total game-changer!)
  • Create multiple streams of income (millionaires, on average, have 7 streams of income)

Your 10 months includes both audio & video modules, workbook, two coaching sessions a month (mandatory), 2 books, a weekly co-working group Power House (optional although recommended), and ½ Day Strategic Planning event.

Beyond-Realistic Results Strategic Planning Day

November 2023
Location: TBD
Lunch included
10 AM – 2:00 PM

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